How To Bring Your Designs To Life – Without A Super Yacht Budget

She was a beautiful machine. Gleaming white body, cutting through the waves, handcrafted leather, marble and mahogany fit-out. Price tag – $40 Million.

Jeff was an old friend and was eager to show me his computer animation and 3-D rendering work for a super-yacht.

But aren’t we talking houses?


So what is 3-D rendering of a house?

Well, effectively a computer-generated ‘model’ of the finished product. Colours, textures, landscaping, cars, and even people can be ‘brought to life’ on a computer screen.

And why would I waste my time and money doing that?

Won’t I see it ‘for real’ when it’s actually built, anyway? Absolutely right. But, what if you made a small error, just a tiny one, like the wrong colour code for your aluminium windows?

And now it’s in stark contrast to the roof and walls. It pretty much doesn’t go with anything! What do you do?

Well, you can’t exactly whip out your paintbrush and get going, can you?

But I made my selection from a colour swatch

Of course. And how big was it, 2cm, 8cm? Was that selected in conjunction with the rest of your colour scheme? At the best of times people ‘slip up’ with their colour selections.

And it can be a costly exercise to rectify.

Sure, it can be rectified, but 99% of the time, clients concede their mistake, turn a blind eye, and accept to live with a really odd colour. And before you ask, of course, this is bound to come up in conversation with every new visitor.

Well, let’s revisit Jeff’s creation

The cost of his ‘real-life’ rendering and animation was $40,000. May sound like a lot, but remember it was very, very detailed and included engines, components, decks, bar and even drinks!

And, if you do the maths it was only 0.1% of the actual sale price. Zero-point-one percent!

So what’s the point?

Well, a client with 40 million buckaroos could be a tad… shall we say ‘fussy’? Can you imagine actually changing red leather to black when halfway through construction? On the computer, two clicks and it’s done.

Ok I admit, a few more than two. But do you get my drift? Exterior from gleaming white to gleaming black. No problem.

Real people, real waves, real seagulls, and the party on deck continues, such is the power of animation, Jeff explained.

Let’s row the boat in

  1. If you are thinking of building, get a 3-D rendering done
  2. It doesn’t have to be on a super-yacht budget, costs can be as little as 0.2% (for a $500,000 home say $1000)
  3. Keep mixing and matching your colours on the rendering until you’re satisfied(or until the cows come home)
  4. When you’re finished, submit this as the entire colour scheme of your home and that’s it. You’re done

Do you have a super-yacht budget? If you don’t, then please get a 3-D rendering done for your new home.

There are many specialists around, or you can ask me. You’ll do it once, and you’ll do it right. And the party on deck carries on.



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