Mt Wellington House

Mt Wellington House

A residential home in a quaint suburb

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About this project

Mt Wellington is located 10 kilometres southeast of central Auckland and is bordered by Tamaki, Panmure, Penrose, Ellerslie and Sylvia Park. Mt Wellington was named after the Duke of Wellington. For centuries the local Maori used Mt Wellington as a pa, or fort. Once the Europeans had settled into the area, they began to quarry the lava flow from the Mt Wellington volcano so that this could be used for industrial purposes.

Today the old quarry has been demolished and the area is currently being redeveloped as residential housing. Mt Wellington is a quaint suburb with access to a supermarket and a few shops within the suburb. Nearby Sylvia Park, provides a wide range of dining opportunities as well as the Sylvia Park Mall, which contains ample shops as well as a food court. Hamlin Park and access to the Panmure Basin are close by.

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