Our legacy together

Keola’s story starts with Sanjesh’s grandmother, who from a young age raised him and instilled the values of hard work, loyalty and a can-do attitude. 

Photo of Keolapati

Keolapati was my grandmother’s name, shortened to Keola. While still studying she sadly passed away. Five years later Sanjesh started his business and the concept of her influence and standards to be met he wanted to stamp upon his business. So in the strongest manner he did – using a take on her name to name his business.

Keola’s influence is an everyday reminder to creating a legacy together. Every day we’re working on creating projects that we’re proud of, our clients beam about and would make a grand-mother cry.

That’s how you know you’re getting a team driven to see your project succeed.

Who are we

Award winning

Our unique engineering approach to construction management is built on strong analytical minds that say there’s ‘never a problem, always a solution’.

We have an ethos of building things that work. Added to this an exceptional back office team who offer a streamlined, process driven approach to project delivery. On time with industry leading quality.


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