Gaia Forest School Case Study

We go behind the scenes to discover the myriad of issues faced during the construction and delivery of this project and how these were resolved.

  • The tough job of balancing architectural design and aesthetics with budget
  • Price escalation during construction: is there a way to curb this?
  • Construction budget: who sets this anyway?
  • Procurement: where’s my materials!

This exceptional preschool follows a Gaia Earth based approach not only in its curriculum, but also in its unique building construction. Biomimicry techniques were adopted to design the building into the shape of a leaf, which soars off the ground atop of 240 accurately placed timber piles. Sustainability was essential to this project, with rainwater harvesting, efficient heated floors, smart ventilation, and soon to be installed solar panels. Lockdowns, cost escalations, and supply chain disruptions delayed the opening date by two years.

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