How to Improve Weak Ground conditions using Ground Displacement Piling

Did you know that when the Leaning Tower of Pisa was first being built, it started leaning after just five years…because it’s weight was too heavy for the foundations it was built on. With the advancement of modern engineering and technology, such an event would be extremely unlikely in the modern day.

Soil conditions are thoroughly investigated and designs are completed in consideration of these parameters. If the soil conditions are weak, improvement options are designed.

One such ground improvement solution is known as Ground Displacement Piling. A substantial number of piles are built to carry the weight of the building. This work is undertaken by specialist heavy equipment and piling rigs.

Our project near the airport had very weak ground know as Peat. Peat is soil material consisting of mainly organic plant matter decomposed over thousands of years. It is characterised by its very high moisture content, high compressibility but very low shear strength. That means it will compress over time and we could end up with another leaning tower!

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