TV3’s The Project visits Gaia (Earth) Forest Preschool

Our clients, Dr Darius and Nikeeta Singh, founders of Gaia had dreamt of a nature inspired preschool for over 25 years. As a former NZ Professor of Engineering, Dr Singh taught the principles of “biomimicry” as a problem solving methodology. When it came time to implement theory into practice, project Gaia was launched.

The vision was to provide equilibrium to our future generations, who are becoming detached from the natural world, and over-exposed into the virtual digital world. Science can prove that nature brings solutions to behavioural, emotional, physical and well-being deficiencies as it has done so for millions of years. Research reveals a deity, symbol, or affinity with “mother earth” (AKA Gaia) by every single culture on Earth, including the Maori Goddess of the Earth – Papatuanuku.

Project Gaia set out to impact the most vulnerable and lowest socio-demographic community in NZ with a beacon of hope to lift the trajectory of tamariki out of poverty and poor education. This was achieved by creating the unique taonga of a world-first, biophilic “leaf-shaped”, or culturally recognised “waka-shaped” building nestled inside an ancient forest ecosystem.

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